Choosing a Correctly Sized Furnace

The electric bill is often one of the most expensive utilities homeowners must pay each month. Heating and air conditioning is one of the largest contributors to America’s energy consumption. Purchasing a properly sized and high efficiency heating and cooling system may help significantly reduce your energy costs and consumption. Due to the importance and cost saving effects of correctly sizing your furnace, we are frequently asked:

“What size furnace will be right for my home?”

This question can be most accurately answered by your local 1-800-HEAT-QUICK furnace and air conditioning specialist. However a general idea of the necessary size can be figured out by knowing your furnace BTU output. The heat capacity of a furnace is measured in thousands of BTU or, British Thermal Units. Furnaces are graded by the typical amount of fuel energy used when ran, called input BTU. Different types of furnaces with similar input BTU will have different output BTU, according to the efficiency of that specific heating unit.

There is only one correct furnace or boiler for your home. An over-sized heating unit will run inefficiency and damaging moisture may accumulate in the heat exchanger. A furnace or boiler that is too small will run far too often and may not be powerful enough to properly heat your home. You may also get an idea of the correct size furnace by asking a neighbor with a similarly-sized house what size furnace they use and if it properly heats their home.